Take Apart and Build Anew

Snow Fort Structures

Student Development: Website: Introduction to 2D Shapes   Literary Connections: Article: A Playground Problem Amazon Ordering Information: Look at that Building! The First Book of Structures Amazon Ordering Information: The Greedy Triangle      

I Scream, You Scream

Student Development: Classroom Ideas: Heat Activities for Kids Website: Chem4Kids- Changing States of Matter   Florida Standards Correlation: SC.2.N.1.1-┬áRaise questions about the natural world, investigate them in teams through free exploration and systematic observations, and generate approp

Protect Yourself

Teacher Development: Website: Helmets: How they Work, and What Standards Do   Student Development: Article: After a concussion, when can teens return to the football field? Study Jams Video: Force and Motion Article: Some teams add extra padding to football helmets to make them safer  

Buried Treasure

Student Development: Article: Read Works – Make a Map Video: How I Became a Pirate Article: Read Works- Finding Places on a Map   Pirate History Websites: Website: Pirates: Truth, Facts, Legends and Myths Resources: U.S. Physical Features Map    

Be a Bee

Teacher Development: Website: Biology of Plants- Pollination Article: Zika Spraying Kills Millions of Bees Website: Everyday Mysteries- Static Electricity