Spanning the Distance

Spanning the Distance

Literary Connections Article: Time Machine (1883): Brooklyn Bridge connects New York with Brooklyn Building a Bridge Article: Build a Bridge Here are some pictures from the NSTA Conference where we met excited teachers that tried this challenge.

Shell Shocked

Teacher/Student Development Dictionary Definition of Turtle Turtle Facts & Worksheets Website: Top Ten Facts about Turtles Literary Connections Article: What has its own armor, comes in colors and is awesome? Turtles! Justifications Website: Turtle Rescue USA Website: Loggerhead Marine Life Cen

Save Our Beach

Teacher Development: Website: Disappearing Beaches: saving our beaches   Student Development: Article: What Happens When it Rains?   Florida Standards Correlation: SC.4.E.6.4- Describe the basic differences between physical weathering (breaking down of rock by wind, water, ice, temperatur

Perfect Plummet

Student Development Study Jams Video: Energy and Matter Literary Connections Dictionary Definition of Bungee Jumping Explains the origin and some of the science behind bungee jumping. This would be a good article for students to find main idea and details or write a summary the sport.   Article: Ho

Clever as a Crow

Student Development Check out these websites to build background knowledge for your students: Website: Bird Feet