Eggstra Safe Cars

Eggstra Safe Cars

Teacher Development Article: Newton’s Laws of Motion   Student Development Research site on Newton’s Laws: Website: Physics for Kids- Laws of Motion Video on Newton’s Laws: Video: Newton’s Three Laws of Motion   Literary Connections Article: Dream Machines Article: Tesla cl

Greenhouse Gadgets

Student Development Website: The Greenhouse Effect Article and Video: What Is the Greenhouse Effect?   Literary Connections Article: An architect plans to build aquaponic gardens in North Carolina and Haiti

Help, I’m Hungry!

Teacher Development Article and Videos on Hydroponics Resource Links for Hydroponics   Student Development Website: Agricultural Research Service- Sci4Kids Resource Links About Plants Website: The Great Plant Escape   Literary Connections Article: Energy for Life Article: A Plant Puzzle

On Target

Teacher Development: Website: NASA Space Place- What is gravity really? Literary Connections: Article: The Life Line Article: A School for Heroes Article: Zip-lining: Adventure in the Tree Tops Here are some pictures of students conducting this challenge.