Land Yachts Ahoy

Student Development:

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion video

Students create a Newton’s Laws of Motion Foldable including all information they learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion and how Land Yachts are related. Newton’s Laws of Motion Foldable

Literary Connections:

The Physics of Land Sailing


Lesson Hints:

Step 1: Demonstrate to students how to take Cornell Notes Template

Step 2: Explain to students that they must write down examples of Newton’s Law in their notes while watching the first video and then make notes of how parts of land sailing can be used as example of Newton’s laws.

Step 3: Have students watch this introductory video clip of Newton’s Laws of Motion”.

Step 4: Have students share how they applied Newton’s Laws to land sailing in group discussion.  Students should know that an object’s mass is the amount of matter in the object.  Some understanding of forces and examples of forces would be helpful.  If possible, should have experience using a stopwatch.